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Adrian Chambers

Hello, my name is Adrian Chambers and I am a Solicitor who specialises in dealing with Residential Care Fee Protection. Have you ever considered what would happen to your home  if you had to go into residential care?

Seatons asset protection planning can  help protect your property and cash from being taken away from you should you ever have to go into residential care. We specialise in asset protection planning so you can potentially save a huge fortune in care fees. In our team, we also have Amy O’Sullivan who specialises in claims relating to care fees.

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Across the UK we face a national scandal that affects thousands of families every year. Hard working Britains just like you are having their savings, property and other assets are being claimed by Local Authorities and taken away to pay for the long term care of the old and vulnerable.

Sadly, there are many people who find their property and cash is taken from them to cover the costs of residential care. If you’ve built up a savings nest egg, paid taxes and been a responsible, productive citizen – then why should the right to care be taken from you once you reach the point at which you need to access the benefits you’ve effectively paid for in advance.

The bottom line is that the Government apparently can’t afford to cover the cost of long term care for the aging. Those people who have always been responsible – the hard working ‘backbone’ of this country are the ones who are then paying the price.

We believe this situation is utterly unacceptable – so we’ve been working hard to help ordinary people fight back against and win the right to retain control of their assets!

We’re a team of solicitors that focus on asset protection – and we can shield your assets to ensure that you don’t lose your property, nest egg or savings. We also specialise in NHS Continuing Healthcare and care fee disputes.

We don’t do anything illegal or unethical to protect your financial position, we simply use the ‘loopholes’ that exist in the law to ensure that you keep your money if you require long term care. It is all above board, but it is something the authorities try to keep quiet about, because it is counter-productive to their interests… It makes their job so much more difficult and it costs them money.



This is where you contact us and explain what your legal problem is and we will take instructions and then identify what documents are suitable for your needs and we will then prepare the legal documents that you require. The benefits of this service are that you can receive personalised and accurate legal documents that you want and that suit your needs, both quickly and with no inconvenience or hassle to you.

All you need to do is simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 01536 276300 or use our online enquiry form and we will discuss your requirements and take details of what you want and then draft an appropriate document for you.



Shield and Protect Your Assets

Whether it’s you that is facing a hefty residential care fee, or a family member, we at Seaton’s Solicitors can help you shield and protect your assets – keeping them out of reach of the Local Council Authority and with you where they belong.

Access Specialist Asset Protection

We can help create a ‘shield’ around your assets, ensuring that they remain protected and you need never fear losing your savings or nest egg to pay for care charges; helping to protect your property, savings and other assets from being assessed and confiscated to pay for care fees in the future.

Free No Obligation 15 Minute Chat Meeting and Information Guide

You’ll be in a better position to take action once you know exactly what your rights and obligations are. To help you, we offer a free, no obligation chat. If you decide to take no further action, that’s totally up to you. We also offer a free Information Guide that helps you to get more useful information about Residential Care. To find out more simply call us on 01536 276300, use our online enquiry form or email


Don’t fall victim to the scandalous current approach to care fees in the UK. The system is unfair, it’s unjust and it could cost you everything!

We can help you take on the authorities and hold onto what is rightfully yours. We could save you and your family a small fortune … and maybe protect everything you worked a lifetime to build.

Our no obligation free consultation will help you to decide where to from here. Don’t put things off until it’s too late. We provide a free initial consultation where you can decide whether to take further action. Should you decide to take up our services we will help you:

• Protect your property, savings and other assets for the future.
• Provide you with legal and ethical ways to block local authority claims for long term care fees.
• Save you thousands of pounds (by spending only a few hundred pounds) and protecting your assets from being assessed and confiscated to pay for care charges.
• With options to spend your way out of paying long term care fees, showing you exactly what you should buy and when you should buy it.

Don’t risk losing what is rightfully yours by waiting until it is too late to shield and protect your assets. The current approach to care fees in the UK is unfair and unjust – but you don’t have to sit back and just accept things as they are. We can help you take on the authorities and hold onto what is rightfully yours.


We are different from most law firms. We care about you and your personal circumstances and aim to provide the best service that we can for you. We can help you sort everything out quickly and easily. We are legal specialists. We use plain english and no legal jargon. We provide a fast efficient service with no delays. We offer fixed competitive and affordable prices.

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