Are You Pestered By PPI Claims Companies

Are You Pestered By PPI Claims Companies?

Research conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)reveals that 3 in 5 people surveyed are pestered by calls, emails and spam texts from claims management companies.


CAB’s report shows how claims management companies harass people in order to get a £2 billion cut of payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation.  PPI was originally sold alongside loans, mortgages and credit cards, wrongly in many cases, to cover repayments if people became ill or lost their jobs. The research figures showed 9 out of 10 surveyed had been contacted out of the blue by a claims management company within the last 12 months and over 70% were about making a claim for PPI.


If you are being pestered by these companies then you can complain to the Information Commissions Office about them by calling 030 3123 1111113. You can claim yourself for free.

We urge you not to respond to these cold callers and instead to go direct to your bank if you want to make a PPI claim. Claims companies take around 25% of a successful PPI claim in charges. Data from Citizens Advice Bureaux across the country found people were spending, on average, over £1,100 in fees for something they can do themselves for free. One CAB even saw a client who paid over £4,000 in charges. Why pay these companies when you can do it yourself for free.


Some companies are charging upfront costs of £600 – without giving any reassurance or clarity if the consumer will get any sort of payout. Citizens Advice is also calling for a ban on upfront fees as firms often fail to deliver on claims, making claimants worse off than before. One in five CAB clients were lead to believe they can make a claim for PPI without ever having or being mis-sold a policy! Don’t be ripped off.


You probably have also received texts about you being entitled to compensation. These are from the same sort of cold call companies. We advise you  to steer clear and ignore them and definitely don’t make contact them. If you have had an accident that is not your fault and suffered injuries then don’t respond to these claims companies. You can instruct specialist solicitors direct such as ourselves and we will handle your claim for you on a No Win No Fee basis so there are no costs to you at all – win or lose – and you get to keep 100% of your compensation.

Top tips to give cold callers the cold shoulder

– Ignore spam text messages.
– Put the phone down on marketing telephone calls.
– Be careful how you share your personal contact details.
– Forward spam texts to your mobile provider for them to take action
– Forward 7726 for EE/O2, 37726 for 3, 87726 for Vodafone.
– Report any scams to Action Fraud Online
– Make a claim for mis-sold PPI yourself by contacting you bank directly.

Need Help and Advice?

So if you want to make a PPI claim then do it yourself as it’s easy and you can save yourself money. If you need help or advice then contact your local CAB office. If you have any other type of claim then please contact Seatons Solicitors. If you have had an accident that is not your fault and suffered injuries then please contact Seatons Solicitors in Northamptonshire for a free no obligation chat on 01536 276300.