Businessman Wins Case Of Slander

Businessman Wins Case Of Slander

If someone says something defamatory against you, you may have a claim for slander against the perpetrator. There are lawyers who specialise in these cases to help you seek redress. In a recent court case a businessman made a claim against a neighbour who accused him of domestic violence against his wife.

The accusation was made in the company of other people, including his own son and someone who worked for him, as well as being in a public place. He consulted lawyers who instigated legal proceedings for slander in the High Court. The perpetrator conceded that she had no evidence to support her claim and did not think that he had ever beaten his wife and therefore she had indeed slandered the businessman.

The defence lawyer stated that no malice was meant and she had said sorry to all who heard the remarks and construed them to be defamatory. There was an agreement between the two parties to settle the matter with the woman paying an amount of compensation as well as a proportion of his legal fees. The man was pleased that the matter was resolved with his reputation intact.

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