Carer Caught On Camera Slapping A Kettering OAP

Carer Caught On Camera Slapping A Kettering OAP

Mrs Marsden, a Kettering woman, suffering from dementia has been caught on camera being assaulted by her carer in her own home. The horrifying assault was captured by a hidden camera in Mrs Marsden’s home, just minutes after it was set up, by her daughter on June 13th last year.

The carer, a 46-year-old former Mega Care employee Miss Stacey George, was given a caution by police after admitting the assault. After being challenged about the hidden camera she said ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.’

As Lawyers at Seatons we are, sadly, no stranger to cases of elderly abuse. It is really important for families of the elderly to watch out for signs that there may be problems, as this family has – particularly where the elderly person has a vulnerability such as dementia.

The legal framework for the protection of the elderly is not as robust as it needs to be. That the carer in this matter has been dealt with by way of a caution means that she has admitted the assault.

Had this been a domestic assault, or if the victim had been a child, we strongly suspect that the assault would have elicited a much harsher, more appropriate, response from the criminal justice system. Unbelievably, since the assault, our client has received a bill from the agency providing the carer.

Seatons will continue in our efforts to hold those responsible for the failings in the care provided to Mrs Marsden. Mrs Marsden now has a different carer and her health and well-being have improved massively since the change in carer. She is now talking much more than she did, and is sleeping better.

Seatons are acting on behalf of Mrs Marsden and the family and will offer no further comment on ongoing proceedings at this time.

If you have any further questions, or if you are concerned about the actions of a carer towards the elderly, please call us today on 0800 310 11 12 and ask for Adam. Alternatively, e-mail adam@seatons.co.uk.

For video and more analysis see: https://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/news/video-carer-caught-on-camera-slapping-kettering-oap-1-8346594

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