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Compensation Awarded For Flooded Business - News

Compensation Awarded For Flooded Business

If your neighbours actions cause your business to be disadvantaged as in the following case of a funeral directors whose business was flooded several times in the previous six years, due to water diversion on their neighbour’s land next door, you may be entitled to compensation.

Considering building work on your property?

Considering Building Work? Get It In Writing!

When it comes to having building work done on your home there are still many people neglecting to ensure a contract is completed between the builder and themselves despite there being huge risks and potential issues that can arise and the likes of tv shows such as ‘Cowboy Builders’ that highlight certain cases.

Monkey Selfie

The Legal Issues Behind The ‘Monkey Selfie’

A legal dispute involving the famous ‘monkey selfie’ sparked a significant amount of media coverage last year. The ‘selfie row’ started off as a generic dispute regarding the ownership of a photograph and has since snowballed into a giant legal debate encompassing the murky and obscure areas of copyright law.

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