Compensation For Victims Of Crime - Court Awards Victim

Compensation For Victims Of Crime – Court Awards Victim

If you have been a victim of crime see a solicitor to check whether you can claim compensation. There is some satisfaction to seeing the guilty punished but sometimes that is not enough.

In this case a step-father who had been abusive and violent towards his step-daughter including threatening her with with a jar of spiders and making her write him love letters and raping her when she was just 9 years old. Although she was now in her 50’s the abuse had begun when she was 3 and was on a daily basis, he also beat her and told her that she had to do as she was told or he would send her to a children’s home.

The woman had suffered with mental health issues over the years including an eating disorder and a full nervous breakdown, she had also suffered nightmares, low self-esteem anxiety and depression. Years later she reported her step-father to the police and in due course he was found guilty and sent to prison for a long time.

The woman consulted solicitors and she made a claim for damages against the guilty man, and awarded by the court who acknowledged that the treatment of her by her step-father had impacted her significantly including educational opportunities and later her career. Luckily she had a steady relationship and had a child.

She was awarded a total of £590,000 which included sums for potential loss of income the suffering she endured both physical and psychological along with a sum for counselling to enable her to get the best out of life that she can. The man was also ordered to pay legal costs of £113,842.

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