Facing Disciplinary Proceedings From An Employer? See a Lawyer Today!

Facing Disciplinary Proceedings From An Employer

If you are to be subject to a disciplinary hearing at work you need someone to be in your corner and a lawyer is the best option. In the following case a young prisoner committed suicide by hanging himself and the psychiatric consultant was being disciplined for gross misconduct.

The inmate, who was 19, committed suicide while the psychiatrist was on holiday although she had seen and assessed him a number of times. The NHS trust undertook an investigation which took considerable time and at the end informed her she would be subject to a formal disciplinary hearing, at which she was to answer to the question of gross misconduct and if she was found guilty she would lose her job.

The psychiatrist contacted solicitors for help and they instigated a High Court hearing during which they suggested that the disciplinary panel had limited evidence and on that basis, if they found her guilty of gross misconduct, they would be in breach of the psychiatrist’s contract of employment.

The Court issued an interim injunction, they agreed that there were good reasons to halt the proceedings. The arguments put forward by the psychiatrist and her solicitors supported the fact that any disciplinary hearing would be illegal, and lead to further litigation on her behalf seeking a remedy. There should be no disciplinary hearing until the case had been heard in full.

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