Handling A Garage Dispute

When instructing a garage to carry out repairs or other work on your car, the law allows you to expect a certain standard of service. Situations do arise however when you are unhappy with the quality of the repairs carried out, and this can subsequently lead to a civil disputes which, in extreme cases, can lead to court action.

Before pursuing such a path however, you must ensure other that alternatives have been explored first. To ascertain if your claim is genuine, you should ask yourself three questions:

  • Have I been provided with faulty goods or services?
  • Can I afford the process?
  • Have I exhausted every other alternative?

The law states that, regardless of whether a contract has been signed, you have certain consumer rights when instructing a service provider to carry out a service. This includes the following:

  1. The service must be carried out with reasonable care and skill.
  2. The service must be of a good standard with no faults and flaws.
  3. The amount paid the service must be reasonable and collate with the skills of the individual completing the service.
  4. If goods are received in the transaction, there are to be faultless also.

If you believe that the garage you have contracted with has not met the above criteria, you could be entitled to make a claim. But legal action can be a very expensive process to undertake and before pursuing litigation, you should first make a complaint in writing, explaining the issue in detail using any supporting evidence to try to come to an agreement. If the issue is minor, it may be possible to try and negotiate a discount with the garage. If the issue is however major, you can ask them to either fix the issue, refund the cost of someone else fixing the issue, or pay for any extra costs as a result of the issue.

If, after making a complaint, you are still not getting anywhere, it is worth seeking professional legal advice to help take your case to Court for a breach of your consumer rights. At Seatons, our team of legal professionals have a wealth of experience handling civil disputes and provide clear, easy to understand legal advice at low sensible fees. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 01536 276300.