Landlord Pays For Ignorance Of The Law

Landlord Pays For Ignorance Of The Law

Tenants who pay deposits to their landlord have legal protection as the rules for landlords are complex and the penalties for non-compliance are severe as one landlord discovered in the following case when he was given a £1,600 penalty and was denied a possession order.

The landlord took an £800 deposit from a flat tenant before the latter moved in. He failed to protect the deposit within an approved scheme within 30 days of receipt, as required by the Housing Act 2004. He also failed to provide the tenant with prescribed information before the 30-day deadline.

The landlord sought to repossess the property, but the judge was unable to grant the order as the landlord had broken the rules in regard to the deposit. He added that the landlord was experienced enough to know the rules and ordered that he refund the £800 and added an additional sum of £1,600 as a penalty.

This shows that even professional landlords need to keep up to date and seek legal advice!

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