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If your relative enters care and you believe they have entered due to a primary health need, rather than a social need, then the NHS may be responsible for meeting the full cost of their care.

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Residential Care Fees Jargon Buster

Assessed needs

When an individual enters care, their needs are assessed by a health or social care professional.


This is the process undertaken by the health or social care professional. It enables them to analyse an individual’s personal circumstances and medical condition to collate what care services they require and may be eligible for.

Care – Domiciliary care

This is care provided in the individual’s home.

Care – Personal care

This is care that is associated with meeting more intimate needs of an individual including bathing, dressing, eating, mobility, medication etc.

Care – Social care

This is care which includes personal care but social care support and enable individuals to live their normal daily lives.

Care home

A care home is any home registered to provide care under the Care Standards Act 2000. It includes local authority, private and voluntary sector homes. Care homes can provide both nursing and personal care.


Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide. Department of Health guidance on charging to local authorities.


The Care Quality Commission is the regulator of social care in England and registers, inspects and reports on social care services.


The Department of Work and Pensions.

Eligibility criteria

This is a set of standards or rules which govern access to each particular service. It is this that an individual is assessed against.

Local Authority

This is an elected body which is responsible for providing public services such as education, housing and social services within a particular area.


National Health Service.

Nursing home

This is a care which provides nursing care. They generally have at least one registered nurse on duty at all times.


Office of Fair Trading.

Residential care home

This is a care home which provides personal care but not nursing care.


If an individual has sufficient funds above the threshold, they fund their care themselves.

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