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Here at Seatons our team are friendly, approachable, and ready to help guide you through the care funding process. Our values are those of a local firm and we just happen to undertake cases for clients from all over England and Wales. We take our strapline of “the friendly professionals” seriously – in fact it is not just a strapline – it informs all our dealings with clients for whom we act. We have built our reputation on being value for money and straightforward in all legal matters.

If you are considering making an application for funding for your care or making an application on behalf of a parent or other family member, the process may at first seem daunting and complicated – if there is any advice to pass on in dealing with the issue it is ‘to be persistent’ – do not accept conclusions without question, and get the view of a medic who is qualified to measure your specific circumstances against the assessment criteria at a very early stage.

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Nicki Slawson - Lead Nurse Assessor - Care Fee Funding

Nicki Slawson – Registered Nurse Assessor and Clinical Lead

Nicki Slawson heads up our clinical team. Qualified in 1990 as Registered Mental Nurse (RMN). Nicki has been working with Continuing Healthcare since 2009 in various roles within social care and health. During her time in the NHS Nicki has been responsible for Checklisting patients to establish initial eligibility, completing the necessary assessment checks as part of the ongoing process and representing patients at Local Dispute Resolution Meetings. She has also taken part in MDTs as the Social Representative and Nurse Assessor.

In more recent times Nicki has turned her knowledge and skill to assisting patients and their families in pursuing and reclaiming funding for care.

Having been a full-time Manager of Complex Cases and Continuing Healthcare Team within the NHS, Nicki’s knowledge of care fee funding is second to none. Nicki continues to work as an independent Nurse Assessor at Seatons and keeps her knowledge and training up to date.

Adam Cresswell - Seatons Solicitors

Adam Cresswell – Lawyer / Director

Adam heads up the Civil Department at Seatons where he is a Director of the firm. After completing his legal training at the College of Law of England and Wales in Birmingham and then London he undertook instruction in the County Courts on civil matters as an agent before finding a professional home at Seatons. He is a strong advocate in any tribunal setting and has a keen eye for the detail of a case.

Adam has two teenage children who cost him a fortune and are a constant worry with their never-ending demands for the latest technology which he struggles to keep up with. For his own part, Adam has never taken a ‘selfie’ and has no intention of starting now, doesn’t have a clue what ‘snapchat’ is and thinks ‘Spotify’ is an acne preparation.

Lauren Kennedy - Seatons Solicitors - Care Fee Funding Specialists

Lauren Kennedy – Lawyer

Lauren studied law at Sheffield Hallam University before graduating with a 2:1. She practiced a wide variety of law including criminal law and personal injury before coming to the Continuing Healthcare Department.

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