Timeframes – From Getting Checklisted To The Final Decision

Timeframes - From Getting Checklisted To The Final Decision

Getting an Applicant ‘Checklisted’ is the start of the process of seeking state funding for care fees.  If you pas this stage of the process you then go on to be assessed further.  If you ‘pass’ this stage the Checklist is deemed to be a ‘positive’ Checklist – if the Applicant fails at this stage then the Checklist is known as a ‘Negative’  Checklist.

If the Checklist is positive and the full assessment is undertaken then a funding decision should be made within 28 days.  Importantly if the timeframe extends beyond the 28 days, then funding should be met whilst the NHS eligibility decision is made.

We have seen many examples where the decision whether or not to fund becomes protracted but funding is not given in this period.  If you find yourself in this situation then give us a call – 01536 311 690.

Time Frames – Fast Track Assessment

Fast Track Assessment is an exception to the above timeframe.  This applies if someone is approaching end of life and requires care.  As the name suggests this sees the application for funding being speeded up with the only requirement being a rapidly deteriorating condition; that may be entering a terminal phase.  There is a form that can be completed by your GP that can access this funding.

We have, however, come across instances where the Fast Track route has been accessed by professionals involved in a patient’s treatment in hospital in order to clear bed space.  In such cases the NHS has re-assessed the granting of the funding under the Fast Track route and concluded that there is no primary health need and withdrawn the funding.  In these circumstances, again, we can help.

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See 5 tips you NEED to know and the 3 biggest mistakes that see claims fail!

See 5 Tips you NEED to know before applying for NHS Care Fee funding in our free guide or alternatively download our free NHS Care Fees brochure for further information.

Getting the right care in place for an elderly parent or other family members can be a difficult and upsetting time.

Once you have found the right care, you need to fund the right care.

Those who qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding get 100% of their care funded by the NHS.

Applying for funding is not a simple process and Nationally only 18% of applications are approved – The process is governed by a legal framework and the assessments involve a full review of all available medical evidence.

At Seatons we are unique in employing not only lawyers – but experienced medics who have years of experience in the NHS assessment process.

Our fees are transparent and for the equivalent cost of a week of care we can help ensure your application has the best chance of success or help you appeal any decision you disagree with.

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