Event Tickets & Your Rights

There are many companies that sell event tickets for concerts or festivals. It is always advised to use a reputable seller. You should be aware of the companies obligations and your legal rights

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If you purchase event tickets such as sporting tickets, music or theatre, you still have consumer rights. Event tickets can be expensive to purchase and there are many scam sellers on the Internet so it is vital that you know your consumer rights.

Important Things To Know

When you purchase event tickets, the seller, whether this is an agent or the venue itself, must:

1. Provide clear pricing information for the event tickets; this can either be on the website or with signs at the box office
2. Inform you of the event ticket price without any added charges such as booking fees
3. Confirm your seating or standing location included within the event ticket price
4. Ensure you are able to receive the event tickets prior to the event; either by post or box office collection.

If the seller of the event ticket does not comply with your consumer rights detailed above, you will usually be entitled to a refund for the price of the event ticket.

However, the right to a refund only applies if you purchased your event ticket from either a ticket agent, event venue or a different business that sells event tickets. If you purchase an event ticket from a private seller such as a friend or from eBay then these rights do not apply.

Cancelling An Event Ticket

If the event that you have purchased tickets for is cancelled, then you are entitled to a refund for the value of the ticket. This is because the seller has failed to provide you with what they have sold to you under the contract.

However, you do not have any cancellation rights if you decide not to attend the event, or even if you cannot physically attend the event. In this case, you should check whether there are any restrictions on your event ticket to see whether they are transferable. In which case you will be able to sell it on and hopefully recoup your losses.

Scam Websites

Illegal scam websites that sell event tickets are not uncommon. They claim to sell genuine event tickets but the website will just take your money and you will not receive the event tickets.

Some advice to distinguish whether a website is scam or not:

1. If you search the Internet and the event tickets are sold out or not officially on sale yet, this is a sign of a scam website.
2. Always check to see if there is any information on the Internet about the company you are purchasing the event tickets from.
3. Inspect the contact details of the company. If there is not a phone number or postal address, then it usually indicates that the company is attempting to remain anonymous and un-contactable should you not receive your event tickets.

If you believe that you have been scammed when you purchase your event ticket, you should report it to the Police.

If you have purchased an event ticket via a credit or debit card you may be able to make a claim with the finance company. Please click here for more information.

Factors To Consider

Before you purchase event tickets you should consider the following factors:

1. Is the purchase price fair?
2. Are you going to be charged any extras such as a booking fee?
3. What is the type of event tickets you are purchasing – stalls, standing, restricted?
4. How are you going to receive your event tickets – posted to you or collection at a location? If the event ticket is being sent to you, ensure that there is enough time for them to arrive prior to the event, and check the companies’ policy regarding the situation if event tickets are lost in the post.


The usual complaints regarding event tickets are factors such as being the given wrong type of seating, the wrong date or wrong time.

If you have any complaints about your event tickets, you have to ensure that you contact the correct company. The usual port of call is the event promoter whose details should be on your event ticket. You should send a letter of complaint in writing and ensure that it is sent recorded delivery.

If you have tried all of the above and you are still not getting anywhere, then the only option available is to consider taking the seller to Court for breaching your consumer rights. Here at Seatons, we can provide legal advice on your consumer rights and provide assistance from start to finish if it is appropriate to take Court action.

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