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Court of Protection Solicitors

The purpose of the Court of Protection is to look after the legal and financial affairs of those who do not have the mental capacity to do so themselves.

If you need to make an application to the court of protection, then solicitors who deal with the court of protection can be of help.

Court of Protection Involvement

In an ideal world, every one of us should have made a Lasting Power of Attorney to cover and protect against the possibility that we may at some point lose our mental capacity.

If a person has not made a Lasting Power of Attorney, and then lose their mental capacity, this is when it will be very difficult, if not impossible for that person’s family to handle and deal with their financial affairs. Often, the only way for a person’s family to handle a person’s financial affairs will be for the family to apply to the Court of Protection to be given legal authority to do so.

Appointment of a Deputy to Manage a Persons Financial Affairs

If an application is made to the Court of Protection, then the court will appoint a person called a “Deputy” to manage that persons financial affairs – this is often a family member but when no family member is willing or available, then the Court will appoint a Panel Deputy, this is normally a specialist solicitor.

Application to the Court of Protection

If your loved one is no longer able to make important decision regarding the health or financial matters due to lacking mental capacity and they have not made a lasting power of attorney, then the court of protection can make decision and appoint a deputy to do this for them. It can often be in your best interests to use court of protection solicitors who deal with this legal area on a regular basis.

Court of Protection Solicitors

If you find yourself in this position seeking legal advice can help you with this daunting responsibility. Here at Seatons we have specialist that can advise through every stage of the process and what it will mean for you loved one and you, please give us a call.

We offer a free no obligation chat so you can discuss how we can help. Please call us free on 0800 3 10 11 12 or telephone 01536 276300 and ask for Adrian or Mandy at our Corby office or 01536 311690 and ask for James or John at our Kettering office. Our team are known as “the friendly professionals” and are here to provide a sympathetic, helpful and friendly service to help guide you through the legal complexities throughout your court of protection application.

What is Deputyship?

Throughout the application a solicitor will help you to make the best decision in deciding is best for you and your loved one. There are two types of deputy. You can apply for:

  • A deputy for financial and property affairs
  • A personal welfare deputy, who will manage all issues regarding healthcare.

Application Process

The procedure for making an application to the court of protection is lengthy, complicated and costly. This involves obtaining medical report, providing declarations as to the proposed Deputy’s ability to act, and providing full details relating to the persons financial and personal affairs.

If a person who has lost their mental capacity needs to sell their home then a further application to the Court of Protection needs to be made in respect of the sale and this will need to be lodged with the application for the appointment of the Deputy. There are multiple forms for the application you wish to apply for instructing a solicitor will make sure that all the necessary paperwork and information is filed so the application isn’t delayed. Please give us a free no obligation call for more information.

We Can Help

If your loved one has lost their mental capacity and an application needs to be made to the Court of Protection, then we can help. We at Seatons solicitors can deal with all the paperwork and legal issues that arise. We will try to make the procedure as stress-free as possible.

If you have any questions regarding professional deputies, please call us free on 0800 3 10 11 12 or telephone 01536 276300 and ask for Adrian or Mandy at our Corby office or 01536 311690 and ask for James or John at our Kettering office.

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