Section 21 Accelerated Procedure Route – 3 Step Process

STEP 1 – Serving Notice on your Tenant

  • 2 months notice must be given to the Tenant

This can be done from month 4 of a 6 month fixed term tenancy or month 10 of a 12 month fixed term tenancy giving the Tenant notice that you require possession of the property on expiry of the Tenancy Agreement.


Immediately if the fixed term tenancy has already expired and the Tenant is on a rolling periodic tenancy.

  • The Notice served must be in prescribed form otherwise the Court will dismiss the claim and a fresh Notice will need to be served
  • If the Tenant does not leave the property by the date stated in the Notice we will move on to Step 2

STEP 2 – Order for Possession

  • Applies if the Tenant has not vacated the property by the date in the s.21 Notice
  • You will need to provide us with:

A copy of the Tenancy Agreement
The Tenancy Deposit Certificate
Schedule of Arrears
A copy of the s.21 Notice if you have done this yourself

  • We will submit the Claim Form to the Court with the required fee
  • A hearing is not usually required
  • When the Order for Possession is granted, notice will be served on the Tenant stating the date by which they must vacate the property
  • If the Tenant does not leave on or before the date ordered by the Court Step 3 will be required

STEP 3 – Appointment of Bailiffs

  • If the Tenant fails to vacate the property on the date ordered, we will apply for a Warrant of Possession through the Court and instruct Bailiffs
  • Bailiffs will attend the property to gain entry and evict the Tenants
  • We will advise you of the date and either you or your agent will need to be present with a locksmith to secure the property after the Bailiffs have completed the eviction
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