Lifetime Planning

Hello, my name is Adrian Chambers and I am a Solicitor who specialises in dealing with Lifetime Planning. This includes making a will, Lasting Power of Attorney, protecting assets from being claimed to pay for residential care fees, financial planning, inheritance tax issues and equity release

Planning for the future is very important, and sometimes we put it off or leave things a bit too late. Don’t delay. Take action now.

Please call me for a free no obligation chat about your will on 01536 276300 or use our online enquiry form.

What Is Lifetime Planning?

Lifetime Planning usually includes the following matters:

1. Will

2. Lasting Power of Attorney

3. Residential Care Fees Protection

4. Financial Planning

5. Equity Release


Have you made a will yet? Are you sure what will happen to your assets if you should die unexpectedly? Making a will creates certainty, reduces worry and gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your money, property and possessions will be distributed after your death.

A will guides those who are left behind and saves worry and heartache at a time of great emotional stress. Don’t leave it to chance. Go on – get it sorted. contact us and make a will now.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

Nobody knows what the future holds and situations can arise such as failing health, where we are no longer able to take care of our own affairs.  What if you  physically or mentally struggled to manage your own affairs or understand what you were doing? How would your funds and assets be dealt with?  This might not have any relevance to you now, but it could be very important to you in the future.  A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you, whilst capable, to determine who can look after your property and financial affairs in the event of your incapacity.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can also record your wishes, with respect to certain medical procedures that are/are not to be employed on loss of mental capacity (“advanced directive”). Alternatively, a Living Will can record your beliefs on such procedures for the family to consider should a difficult decision with regard to your health have to be made (“non-advanced directive”).

Residential Care Fee Protection

It’s hard to imagine not being able to live in your own home, and look after yourself. Planning at the right time to make sure any care you may need in the future is covered without having to sell your home is important for some people. We can help you protect your home and your other assets from being claimed and used to pay for your residential care fees.

Equity Release

Equity Release allows you to access a proportion of the profit or equity in your property to spend as you wish, whilst continuing to live in your home.  This can be extremely valuable to people who have a large amount of equity of profit tied up in their property.  We can help organise the best equity release deal for you.

Financial Advice And Planning

If you require free unbiased advice on investments, life insurance, mortgages, equity release, long term care planning and so on then look no further. We can advise on the most efficient way of investing lump sums, provide advice on retirement and long term care. We can help house buyers on how to obtain the best mortgage deals and divorcing couples on joint investments pension sharing and protecting maintenance payments. Solicitors and Independent Financial Advisors are renowned for their trustworthiness and integrity. If you are not sure what to do and need help then give us a call.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is effectively a death tax payable on people’s estates.  The first £325,000.00 (as at April 2012) is not taxable.  However, any monies in excess of that figure are then taxed at a rate of 40%.  We can help minimise the inheritance tax payable on your estate and there are many different ways of doing this, depending on your particular circumstances.


A Trust is a fund which contains assets that are controlled by you and/or a nominated third party for the benefit of a specific individual(s). They are governed by complex legal regulations and separate tax rules. A Trust can be set up at any time during the lifetime of an individual to become operative immediately or, not until your death.


If you have young children, you should consider appointing guardians to take care of them if you die while they are still young. Even if you have “god parents” we all know that the choice of god parent is sometimes an emotional decision made at a specific time. This is usually done whilst making your Will.

Why Use Us For Your Lifetime Planning?

There are many reasons why you should use us, which include the following:-

– Free initial no obligation chat
– We are legal specialists in these areas
– We are friendly and approachable
– Low cost fixed prices

Latest Power Of Attorney Video
Maureen Brown – Power Of Attorney – Seatons Solicitors

Adrian Chambers - Seatons Solicitors

Power Of Attorney Specialists

Hello, my name is Adrian Chambers and I am a solicitor who specialises in creating and advising on Powers of Attorney.

I can offer a low cost legal service and aim to sort everything all out for you quickly and easily. Property and Affairs Power of Attorney is the most common one used and it gives you peace of mind should you ever need someone else to look after your affairs.

If you’re thinking about making a Power of Attorney, contact us via telephone on Corby 01536 276300 or use our online contact form.

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Court Rules On Inheritance

Attorneys have a duty to act in the best interests of the Donor (person who gave them the Power to act as Attorney).  This includes only making gifts which the Donor would ordinarily have made for seasonal purposes and only then with regard to the Donor’s funds at the time.

Court Decides True Wishes of Pensioner in Minimally Conscious State

In a minimally conscious state, a 72-year-old woman was unable to tell anyone what she wanted in terms of medical treatment or intervention, this left the court to decide on her behalf, taking into account what she might have wanted.

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A Power of Attorney is a useful method protection if you become unable to deal with financial matters yourself. However, nominating a loved one to take on this responsibility may not always be the best option, it may be wiser to use a good lawyer instead as the following case demonstrates.
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