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The total cost of making a Lasting Power of Attorney is dependent on whether you want to try to make a Lasting Power of Attorney yourself or whether you want to instruct a firm of Solicitors to make it for you.

The Cost Of A Power Of Attorney – Taking The DIY Option

If you go for the DIY option, then the only cost would be the court fees to register which is £82 to register each Lasting Power of Attorney document.  You might even get a reduction or exemption from the court fees if your financial circumstances are very limited and you are in receipt of certain means tested state benefits.

The obvious huge benefit of making a Lasting Power of Attorney yourself is that you can save on legal fees.  The obvious risk with this DIY option is that some of the forms are a little involved and you face the risk of making a mistake and getting things wrong and if that happens, then the whole process can become lengthy and frustrating.

The Solicitor Option And The Cost Of Making A Power Of Attorney

The Cost Of A Power Of AttorneyIf you instruct a firm of Solicitors to make a Lasting Power of Attorney then there is a cost but the advantage is that the Solicitors will get it right and will often get the Lasting Power of Attorney set up and in place quickly and easily.

The cost of Seatons making a Lasting Power of Attorney is dependent on what type of Lasting Power of Attorney you choose to make.

If you were to make a single Lasting Power of Attorney for one person, then the cost would be £450 plus VAT of £90 plus the court fee of £82, making a total of £622.

If you wanted to make both types of Lasting Power of Attorney (for example, Property & Affairs and Health & Welfare) the cost would be £700 plus VAT of £140 plus two court fees (£164) making a total of £1,004.

If you and your spouse wanted to make both types of Lasting Power of Attorney, i.e. Property & Affairs and Health & Welfare for each of you, making a total of 4 Lasting Power of Attorneys, then the cost would be £1,200 plus VAT of £240 plus four court fees (£328), totalling £1768.

The important thing to bear in mind with the cost of a Power of Attorney is that if you instruct ourselves to make the Lasting Power of Attorneys for you, then we do pretty much everything from taking initial instructions, drafting all the paperwork, acting as Certificate Providers and witnesses, dealing with all the registration requirements and any other issues that crop up.

From your perspective, all you need do is answer a few questions and then we do the rest and at the end of it, you will then get your Lasting Power of Attorney.  Yes there is a cost but at least you can avoid the hassle, stress and challenges that go with having to do everything that needs to be done to set up a valid Lasting Power of Attorney.

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Hello, my name is Adrian Chambers and I am a solicitor who specialises in creating and advising on the costs of Powers of Attorney.

I can offer a low cost legal service and aim to sort everything all out for you quickly and easily. Property and Affairs Power of Attorney is the most common one used and it gives you peace of mind should you ever need someone else to look after your affairs.

If you’re thinking about making a Power of Attorney, contact us via telephone on Corby 01536 276300 or use our online contact form.

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