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Welcome to our “probate forms” webpage. If a loved one has died, and you need to apply for a grant of probate and need help with completing probate forms then we can help.

When applying for a Grant of Probate then you can either “do it yourself” and try and sort out and complete the forms yourself or alternatively you can arrange for somebody else to sort it all out for you.

If you arrange for a firm of solicitors such as ourselves, to apply for a grant of probate (including completing all the paperwork and forms), then this can relive you of the pressure, hassle and overall burden and leave you to concentrate on your loss and focus on more personal and important matters.

If you apply for a grant of probate yourself then it this can sometimes be quite time consuming and challenging and may not be something you wish to do while grieving the death of a loved one. We can help.

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PA1A: Apply for Probate – Letters of Administration – (Deceased did not leave a Will)

This form is used when you are applying for a grant of letters of administration, when the deceased has not left a will. This form will require you to complete some personal information about yourself, the deceased and the relatives of the person that has died in order to establish who may be entitled to deal with the administration of the estate and who will benefit from the estate.

Form PA1P: Apply for Probate (Deceased left a Will)

If the deceased left a will then this is the form you would use to apply for the grant of probate. This form will require similar information to the PA1A form previously mentioned above.

Form N2: Contest a Will

You can use this form in order to start the process of challenging a will. There are several reasons why you might want to contest a will. These could be:

  • Undue influence was used when completing the will;
  • When creating the will your loved one didn’t have capacity to understand the impact of what they were doing;
  • You believe that the will might have been revoked by your loved one; or
  • The deceased will didn’t met the formal requirements so therefore isn’t valid.

If you are thinking of contesting a will, then obtaining legal advice will help you. We can help. Please call us for a free initial no obligation chat.

Inheritance Tax Form

Inheritance tax forms will need to be completed whether inheritance tax is payable or not. We at Seatons can help you with the process and complete all the necessary inheritance tax forms and ascertain whether there any applicable exception for your loved ones estate to make sure the right amount is paid.

Generally speaking, the Inheritance Tax forms are usually either an IHT 205 for small and simple estates where there is no Inheritance tax to pay or an IHT 400 if the estate is more complicated and there is Inheritance tax to pay.

IHT 205

For this form you will be required to know information about deceased, their estate and their assets and liabilities. This IHT 205 form will be used usually when there is no inheritance tax due. This form is generally used if the value of the estate is below £325,000, although there are exceptions and other circumstances when this form would be used.

IHT 400

This will need to be used when there is inheritance tax to pay. This form is particularly detailed requiring information about the deceased estate assets and liabilities.  It’s often helpful to obtain advice and help from a specialist solicitor when completing this form.

You will require an inheritance tax reference number before you can submit this IHT 400 form, which you can apply for online or by completing Schedule IHT422, ‘Application for an Inheritance Tax reference”.

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Free Probate & Estates Information Guide

We offer a free, no- obligation guide called “How to Administer a Loved One’s Estate”. It’s packed with useful information and hints and tips on what to do and explains what the appropriate probate forms are. So if you are not sure what to do at the moment and simply want some further information, then download our free information guide now!

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We hope you find this information of use. We are a firm who specialise in dealing with completing probate forms and in obtaining grants of probate and estate administration work.At Seatons, we offer a helpful and friendly service with low fees that provide exceptional value for money. Please call us today for a free, no-obligation initial chat or use our online enquiry form.

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