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Welcome to our webpage on Probate solicitors and how they can help you administer your loved one’s estate.

If you’re looking for a Probate solicitor, then we at Seatons we can help. We will guide you through the process so that you know what you need to do, so that you can focus on grieving for your loved one through a difficult time.

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What can we do to help you?

By delegating us the responsibility of the administration of your loved one’s estate, we can help to make this as stress free as possible, give you time to concentrate in coming to terms with your loved one’s death. We will assist you in gathering in the assets and paying any liabilities of the estate (including Inheritance tax), apply for the grant of representation and distribute the estate in accordance with the will and the law.

We care about you and will work hard for you throughout

Dealing with the administration of a loved one’s estate can be a difficult and time consuming process. We can do all the necessary work for you while ensuring all the necessary paperwork is done, using a specialist probate solicitor will give you a peace of mind and you will know that everything is done both quickly and correctly.

Why do I need a specialist probate solicitor?

It is always wise to seek legal advice as your legal position and options, no matter how little and simple the administration of an estate may seem at first. This is due to there being various obligations on the executor or administrator which specifically need to be done, and sometimes these can become complicated depending on the estate. There are circumstances where you might find this helpful and it may ease the burden.

Whether you need advice on what steps you need to take in order to deal with the estate of a loved one or if you are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, we will be happy to help.

When there is no Will

If there is no Will, this means that the deceased has died intestate. This requires a different application to be made as it requires a grant of letter of administration instead of a Grant of Probate. There are different criteria governed by the rules of intestate which will decide who deals with the administration of the estate as well as ultimately who inherits the estate. Using a solicitor can make this process quicker and easier compared with if you tried to do this yourself, as we have specialist knowledge, experience and expertise of what steps need to be taken.

If there might be a question to the validity of the Will

  1. If there are children under 18 involved;
  2. Where Property needs to be sold or transferred;
  3. If the estate has a value of over £20,000;
  4. There are different types of estate assets/debts;
  5. If the estate has any complicating features which have not been previously mentioned;
  6. If there is possibility of the estate being insolvent;
  7. Where Inheritance tax will need to be paid, as a probate specialist we have knowledge of how inheritance tax is calculated, tax allowances and any reliefs which may be applicable in your circumstances. This will mean that if inheritance tax is chargeable the correct amount will be paid;
  8. If The deceased has owned a business this will make an estate far more difficult to administer so getting advice will help you to know your next steps regarding this asset.

Even if not previously mentioned and you have a question please contact us on 0800 3 10 11 12 or telephone 01536 276300 and ask for Adrian or Mandy at our Corby office or 01536 311690 and ask for James or John at our Kettering office.

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