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When a loved one dies it can be a difficult, emotional and stressful time.

We can help you sort out the legal side of things quickly, easily and at low cost.

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Welcome to our web page on “Probate Solicitors”. If your looking for a probate solicitor then we can help,we specialise in obtaining probate and estate administration work. Please call us for a free no obligation chat.

When a loved one dies, it can be a difficult and emotional time and putting their affairs in order can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. It’s not easy trying to work your way through the complexities of administering an estate and worrying and getting stressed over what to do. However, you don’t have to do it yourself, you can employ the services of a probate solicitor.Let them sort out the legal work on your behalf.

We Can Help!

When faced with administering a loved one’s estate and having to obtain a grant of probate you don’t have to do it all by yourself. We can help! Seeking help and assistance and delegating some aspects of your loved one’s estate to a firm of specialist probate solicitors like ourselves is perfectly normal. In fact, many people use probate solicitors to sort out the administration of their loved one’s estate. By delegating the process of obtaining a grant of probate and the administration of the estate to a probate solicitor you can hopefully find some time and space to concentrate on more important things such as starting the grieving process and coming to terms with your loss.

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We offer a free no obligation chat so you can discuss what the Probate costs will be. Simply call us free on 0800 3 10 11 12 or telephone 01536 276300 and ask for Adrian or Mandy at our Corby office or 01536 311690 and ask for James or John at our Kettering office. We would be delighted to discuss your situation with you.

Free Probate & Estates Information Guide

We offer a free no obligation guide called “How to Administer a Loved One’s Estate”. It’s packed with useful information and hints and tips on what to do. So, if you are not sure what to do at the moment, and simply want some further information then please download our free guide today.

Reasons To Use Seatons Solicitors as your Probate Solicitors

Please forgive the advert here but if you are looking for a Probate solicitor then we hope you might consider using ourselves. Here are some reasons below that we believe might help you in making a decision.

  1. We offer a free, initial no-obligation chat;
  2. We are legal estate-administration specialists;
  3. We offer low, fixed & competitive fees;
  4. We care about you and work hard for you;
  5. We are known as “The Friendly Professionals”;
  6. Distance is not a problem – we act for people across the UK.

Avoid Legal Problems

When a loved one dies, emotions are obviously running high and it is difficult to keep a clear head and do the right thing. There are many administrative tasks that need to be carried out. These include registering the death, arranging the funeral, collecting in assets (such as bank accounts, insurance policies, personal possessions), paying debts and expenses (such as funeral account and outstanding loans), and eventually distributing the estate to the correct beneficiaries.

In order to legally deal with the administration of the estate it is often necessary for the person dealing with the administration of the estate, the Personal Representative, called an Executor (if there is a will) or an Administrator (if there is no will to apply for a Grant of Representation called a grant of Probate, if there is a will) or a grant of Letters of Administration, (if there is no will). The Grant of Representation is a court order that gives formal legal authority to the Personal Representative to administer the estate including collecting assets, paying liabilities and debts and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

When To Use A Probate Solicitor

In our opinion, it is usually best to seek legal advice and delegate the work to professional probate solicitors in the following circumstances when applying for a Grant of Probate and dealing with the administration of an estate of a loved one:

  1. Children under 18;
  2. Property needs to be sold or transferred;
  3. The estate has a value of over £10,000;
  4. Different types of estate assets/debts;
  5. The estate may have complicating features;
  6. The estate may be insolvent;
  7. Inheritance tax may need to be paid;
  8. The deceased owned a business;
  9. Possible dispute or arguments;
  10. Any unusual circumstances.

Please contact us today on 0800 3101112 to discuss your situation and we can advise a bespoke quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Save Legal Costs

Lawyers and probate solicitors can charge all sorts of different fees for the legal work they do. Sometimes they even charge based on a percentage of the value of your loved one’s estate. We at Seatons never base our charges on the value of an estate. We instead charge either fixed fees or fees based only on the work we actually do. We pride ourselves on providing low, sensible charges and giving fantastic value for money. Compared with appointing banks, accountants and other probate solicitors, you will find that our fees are considerably better value for money.

Fast & Efficient Service

You want your loved one’s estate to be administered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes estates can be quite complicated and time-consuming to administer. We at Seatons as probate solicitors, administer estates quickly and efficiently and a lot faster than many other solicitors.

Avoid Family Disputes

When a loved one dies, all sorts of issues, problems and disputes can arise even if a will has been made. We at Seatons as probate solicitors will ensure that any issues, disputes or problems that might crop up are resolved quickly, fairly and effectively.

Free, Initial No-Obligation Discussion

We are known as the friendly professionals and will always ensure that your loved one’s estate is dealt with both sympathetically and efficiently as possible. We always offer a free, no-obligation discussion with you to assess the situation with the estate and determine whether any legal work is necessary. Sometimes, it is not necessary for any legal work to be completed, and if so, we simply do not get involved and let you sort matters out yourself. If legal work is necessary, then we can help sort it out for you.

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