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The law protects tenants against harassment and illegal eviction. They are both a criminal offence but you can also take action for compensation. Harassment can take many forms. A landlord cannot do things which are distressing to you and undermine your sense of security.

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A landlord may be guilty of harassment if there is no electricity because he has not paid the bill or disconnected the electricity supply. The Local Authority can restore the electricity supply and charge the costs to the landlord.

If your landlord withholds keys to the property and will not issue another, this could be seen as harassment. The landlord may in relation to security want to restrict the number of keys but in certain cases, not supplying a key may constitute harassment.

Your landlord may be making demands for repairs that seem excessive. This will be resolved by referring to the tenancy agreement as this will set out who is liable for repairs. If this is not detailed in the tenancy agreement, the landlord will normally have to carry out basis repairs such as electricity, heating, water.

If your landlord makes threats or even physical violence then the Police should be contacted. The Police will take relevant action against your landlord.

Illegal eviction occurs when a landlord does not follow the procedure set out in law when evicting a tenant. Your landlord must provide notice before commencing Court proceedings. You are not required to leave the property until the notice expires and even at that point may not be evicted without an order from the Court.

If your landlord illegally evicts you or commits harassment, you can go to the Court to claim damages.

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