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It is common for damage to occur in a property that is not the fault of the tenant. For example, the heating being temperamental or the installed cooker not working. If your landlord is ignoring your requests for repair work to be done there are steps you can take to try and get the repairs done.

Your landlord is only responsible for repairs that they have been told about. You should put the request in writing stating what repair work needs doing and asking the landlord to contact you as soon as possible to arrange for the repair work to be carried out.

If your landlord does not respond, then you should contact the landlord again stating that this is the second request and enclose a copy of the first letter. In this second letter you should provide a time scale for the landlord to contact you, such as 48 hours. It is advisable to inform the landlord that the repairs not be carried out within a certain time frame that you will have to take further action.

You should gather evidence about the repairs that need doing. Keep a record of the repairs and the efforts you have taken to get the landlord to sort them. Evidence includes photographs, copies of correspondence, receipts for items other professional reports or bills if you have had to pay for the repairs to be done yourself.

If the landlord continues to ignore you, you should inform them in writing that you will have to contact your local environmental health department for them to carry out an inspection of the property.

You may argue that you shouldn’t pay the rent as the landlord is not carrying out the repairs. However, this is risky as you don’t have the right to withhold the rent. If you withhold the rent, even if the landlord is refusing to carry out repairs, the landlord may attempt to evict you.

The correct procedure for this is to arrange for the repairs to be done and then deduct the cost from your rent. However, you do still have the risk that the landlord could take action to evict you for non-payment of rent.

The last resort is to instruct a solicitor to take legal action against your landlord.  The matter could be taken to Court, and the Judge could order the landlord to carry out the necessary repair work and/or compensate you for the inconvenience caused.

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