Done Some Work For Someone? Make Sure You Get Paid!

Done Some Work For Someone - Then Make Sure You Get Paid

Getting paid for work undertaken and completed for a firm of architects who sought to recover £25,000 for work designing a social housing project proved to be impossible due to the time lapse involved.

The firm of architects remitted an invoice of £42,375 plus VAT to a social housing provider with whom they’d entered into a work contract in April 2009 they refused to pay. The architects sought help from a third party and was awarded £24,033. They then took action to recover the balance in May 2015. The judge could not consider the case as it was beyond the court remit, given the time scale of beyond 6 years after the debt occurred and the Statute of Limitations Act 1980 negates such a claim.

The High Court upheld the original decision pointing out that the 6 year clock starts ticking as soon as the work is finished not when the invoice is remitted. The architects case was therefore dismissed.

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