New Rules For Smoke Detectors

As from the 1st October 2015 landlords are required by law to have fitted smoke detectors on each storey of a rental property. If a room has a solid fuel appliance installed CO detected are required. CO detectors are not required by law for gas appliances, but landlords are encouraged to install them as good safety practice.

Landlords cannot simply wait for the start of a new tenancy and must have fitted these devices before the 1st of October. There is no stipulation as to the type of alarm required i.e. battery or hard wired.

At the start of each new tenancy, the landlord must ensure the alarms are in working order. After the landlord’s test on the first day of the tenancy, the tenant then takes responsibility for their own safety.

If a tenant refuses a landlord access to the property to install the alarm then the landlord should write to the tenant explaining that it is a legal requirement and that the purpose is for the tenant’s safety. If a tenant complains a landlord has not complied with the requirement, the local authority may serve a remedial notice detailing the required action.