Packaging Firm Fined £4 Million For Workplace Injury

Packaging Firm Fined 4 Million For Workplace Injury

Health and Safety is regarded as paramount and any breach will be punished as judges made clear in the following case where a worker lost his toes by industrial machinery. The packaging firm was fined a significant amount of money.

The machine was used to process cardboard at high speed using a system of conveyor belts, it was a large machine about the size of a bus. A worker had pointed out that the machine was dangerous and may cause an accident, unfortunately his prediction was accurate when a man’s foot was trapped in the machinery and all the toes on the left foot were cut off.

As in all accidents at work the Health and Safety Executive conduction an investigation. They found that the company failed to train workers on the essential safety procedure on the machine. The company was fined £4,000000 along with costs of £9,866 under Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 when they admitted their liability.

The company went on to request the Court of Appeal to reduce the fine as this was their first breach in the seven years of the company’s existence and they did not have high profits so the fine was excessive and would be difficult to pay. The Court rejected the appeal and noted that the company were aware of the risks and for the man the injuries were life-changing.

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