Shop Manager Wrongly Accused of Theft Wins Compensation

Shop Manager Wrongly Accused of Theft Wins £20,000 Compensation

Any issues relating to an employee’s conduct have to be thorough and clear otherwise it could cost the employer dearly. In the following case a shop manager was awarded the sum of £20,000 because she had lost her job due to an accusation of theft which was unjustified.

The shop manager had reason to talk to a colleague and reprimand her about her work. As a result, the worker had claimed that she had taken a soft drink bottle and consumed it and hadn’t paid for it. There was a disciplinary meeting which resulted in her dismissal for gross misconduct.

The Employment Tribunal (ET) agreed that the dismissal was unfair and unlawful. There had been serious flaws in the investigations undertaken by the employers, there were witnesses that had not been spoken to, and till rolls had not been looked at to ensure the drink had not been paid for. The managers work record had been exemplary.

The woman had been unable to clarify the circumstances when she took the bottle and went on to say that she had worked a 55 hour week and was tired, the tribunal said that this did not help her case but went on to award her £20,930 and her former employer was ordered to pay £2,000 legal costs.

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