Adam Cresswell

Name: Adam Cresswell

Area of Law: Civil Litigation and Personal Injury

About:  After his first degree Adam completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Law before going on to the Bar Vocational Course at the College of Law in London.  He has been part of Seatons for 5 years before which he was a County Court Advocate.  He is happily divorced with 2 children, Leon and Lily who are 13 and 16 (and very good at it).  He is from Solihull so is technically a Brummie (all the best people are: –  Julie Walters, Barbara Cartland and Bob Carolgees of ‘Spit the Dog’ fame).  His life mottos are. “The only time you’ll never have any problems is when you’re dead” borrowed from Adrian Chambers qv. and“never teach a pig to sing – it is a waste of time and annoys the pig” borrowed from his son.

Adam’s hobby horse is ‘access to justice’ and he is a firm believer that an independent judiciary that is accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay, is a fundamental ingredient of a civilised society.  The parts of his job that he enjoys most is meeting clients and handing over cheques on conclusion of successful personal injury claims.

Where were you educated? University of Liverpool, The College of Law of England and Wales, London.

First Job:  Saturday job at the local library in Solihull which was every bit as boring as it sounds (sadly sacked after three weeks)

Hobbies: Drawing and painting

Favourite Food: Uncooked cake mix, fish & chips (not together)

Favourite Film(s):  Some Like It Hot, The Hunger Games, Erin Brokovich

Favourite group or band:  The Smiths, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jnr

Ultimate holiday destination: Luxor, Egypt (or Ambridge)

Favourite book: Non-Fiction: – Anything by Antonia Fraser, Fiction; – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and anything by (fellow Brummie), William Shakespeare.

Favourite sport: Rugby

Most admired figure(s): David Archer, Adam Macy, Linda Snell, Helen Titchener

Most admired historical figure(s):  Elizabeth I, Thucydides, Catherine of Aragon, Peggy from The Archers

Likes: I love Radio 4 – particularly The Archers if you hadn’t guessed (give it a go) and Viz (hangover from student days but ‘Letterbocks’ and ‘Top Tips’ are still two of the few things that genuinely make me roar with laughter.

Dislikes: Donald Trump, Tory Politicians, The Daily Mail, Bullies (same thing!), Shirley Bassey and DIY SOS

Personal ambition(s): To own an Audi R8

What do you watch on TV?  Anything with Lucy Worsley in (she’s mad as a box of frogs), 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Sherlock

If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it? I would pay off the mortgages of family and friends, buy and Audi R8 and carry on working but make sure I parked my car next to my boss’ car every morning.

Who is the most influential person in your life?  My children and my secretary (she organises every moment of every working day, and you don’t say ‘no’ to her! – pretty influential I’d say.)

Adam Cresswell - Seatons Solicitors - Kettering

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