Linda Orr

Name: Linda Orr
Area: Reception/Kettering
Where were you educated? Beanfield Comprehensive in Corby
First Job: Office Administrator for Avon Cosmetics in Corby
Hobbies: Cooking, having friend’s round for dinner, eating out – there’s a theme going on here…
If you could change a law, which one would it be: For euthanasia to be legal in this country
Favourite Food: Tapas – lots of!
Favourite group or band: Mumford & Sons
Ultimate holiday destination: New Zealand
Favourite book: Trinity by Leon Uris
Most admired figure:
My sister in law
Likes: Life in general
Dislikes: Rude people – no need!
Personal ambition: Just to keep on loving & living life surrounded by family & friends
What do you watch on TV? Not a lot – prefer to have music on
If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it? Visiting all the capital cities in the world that I haven’t already & treating family & friends
Who is the most influential person in your life? Too many to mention – I’m obviously easily influenced!