Steven Kinch


Steven has over 30 years’ experience as a practicing solicitor.

He has worked mainly in litigation and company commercial work throughout his career.  He has a lot experience of work in the County Court, the High Court and First Tier Tribunal (Property).  He was taught to deal with matters in these jurisdictions by a former barrister when in training and usually drafts his own documents for them as well as appearing for his clients at trial when he can.

He also enjoys company work including drafting shareholders agreements, dealing with reorganisations of share structures, buying and selling companies and drafting partnership agreements.


Steven worked for a firm of solicitors in his native Andover for a year after finishing his MA in business law in 1983.  The firm gave him articles (a training contract) when he passed his Law Society Finals and he was admitted as a solicitor in 1989.

Where were you educated? Harrow Way Comprehensive School (‘O’ levels) and Cricklade College (‘A’) levels.  Polytechnic of the South Bank (BA (Hons) Law and City of London Polytechnic (MA).

First Job: Unqualified assistant to a solicitor partner

Hobbies: Playing guitar, listening to music, reading, playing Popmaster on Radio 2 and going to the pub to chat with my friends

Favourite Food: Italian and especially pizza

Favourite group or band: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac

Ultimate holiday destination: I like Turkey and Sicily but I am generally happy in England.

Favourite book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Dr No by Ian Fleming and Chitty on Contracts (best work on contract law ever)

Favourite sport: Not really a sports fan but I enjoy watching rugby

Most admired figure(s): My mother and all of the solicitors who trained me

Most admired historical figure(s): Lord Denning, Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria

Likes: My Family – Films on DVD or Blu-Ray preferably with a glass of red wine – Music – my friends – going to the pub

Dislikes: Soap operas, people who always think that they know so much about law that they can tell me how to do my job, bigotry and ignorance, bad manners and misuse of the English language

Personal ambition(s): To continue doing my job and hopefully live a long and productive life

What do you watch on TV? The Simpsons – Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes – Porridge – stand up comedy shows – films

If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it? It depends how much I won.  I would like to use it to give some security to my sister and her family, my daughter and myself

Who is the most influential person in your life? I do not seem to have many people who influence my life very much anymore.  My mother and daughter are probably the closest I have.

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