Will Disputes Can Be A Family Tragedy - Don’t Let It Happen To You

Will Disputes Can Be A Family Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen To You

By making sure your Will is effective and clear you can ensure that there will be no disputes within the family and harmony is maintained, which is one of the more compelling reasons to see a solicitor to make your Will. In the following case there was a £16 million estate to deal with which caused division between a man’s two children.

The Will was straight forward in that the man left everything to be split between the two children. There was an earlier Will that was different in that the daughter’s inheritance would end when she died, and would be given to her brother, or if he died before, to his children.

The son instigated proceedings against the execution of the later Will as his father, who died at the age of 92 did not know about its contents and the implications of it and therefore the original Will should have been taken as the true Will.

The High Court rejected the son’s claims that he was convinced that his mother and sister had manipulated the situation and colluded in undermining his father’s wishes. The son had put a lot of time and energy on this issue to the point where the High Court found that he wasn’t looking at the facts which did not support his claim.

The Court was convinced that the man was aware of the ramifications of the contents of his Will and there was nothing sinister or unusual so the son’s claim was rejected.

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